This series of small encaustic paintings combine my love for the waterways of my childhood with my joy of working in this medium.  The process is unpredictable and surprising.  I apply the molten wax layers to small birch panels in a specific composition that I hope will predict the outcome.  I then "paint" or manipulate the wax with a blow torch.  This liquefies the pigment once again and creates a movement within the piece.  It's a balance between moving and mixing, ebbing and flowing so similar to the tributaries of the Chesapeake that I grew up on. 

The outcome is dynamic and full of depth.  They reflect the beautiful aerial views of the Chesapeake Bay and the close up nooks and crannies at the waters edge.  I hope to capture the dance of the water that is constant in it's motion and so varied in it's colors and forms, especially as it laps the shore.   I am fascinated by the combination of using the element of fire to interpret the water.

Each painting is 4 x 6" on cradled birch panels.  They lend themselves to be displayed in groups or stand alone.  Literally.  They don't have to hang on a wall, they can hang out by free standing on a shelf or table as well. 

The encaustic medium is so tactile.  I encourage you to feel the smooth wax surface; it begs you too.  The size of the paintings lends them to being held, so similar to the draw of reaching down to touch the water.  I grew up on a peninsula, almost surrounded by water.  The marshes were full of discovery and going for a swim was always off of someones dock.  My sense of place and where I am from is evident in this series. 


The Process


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