Getting Busy

This reminded me that Spring is closer than I think.....

This week has been busy, but productive.  Got 3 new encaustic works started in the studio on Monday.  I'll post pictures once they are further along.  I really need to replenish my oil painting inventory.  But I am waiting for some ideas to arrange themselves in my head. 

Sent off a finished "Conical" (without taking a picture) for submission to By Proxy at The Desotorow Gallery in Savannah, GA.  And tonight I just sent images of "Perched" and "Shelter" for possible entry in a show called "Paint" at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati.  
Fingers crossed!
Itching to get some more studio time, and worried it may be a week before that happens.  I hope not, but my typical Monday studio  day is being overtaken due to a class for work.  
Maybe by the time I get in there again I'll be ready to start some new oils.