Kitchen table art and one sock.

I finished a few more postcards, need to get them ready to mail.  I am still not super proud of them, they seem kinda off.  I'll finished the rest tomorrow to be sent around the world.  I think this snow has some how effected my creativity.  Or maybe I can at least blame it!  I did play around with this acrylic painting on paper.  A variation on a theme of "drop" paintings that I have been working on for a while.  Perhaps I should make some smaller versions of this, for my postcards.  

I also finished knitting my first ever sock yesterday.  Since the only other thing I have ever knitted were scarfs, I am fairly proud.  Apparently cabin fever is good for knitting!  When I finish the other sock, I'll post my warm tootsies.  

Now I think, if I am lucky there is a path plowed in the park, and I am going to get out and run.  (That always helps with being creative and sane.) The sun is out for now, and some snow is melting.  Hopefully we'll escape the next storm headed our way!