Catching up

I always want to post an image.  But alas, I couldn't find one for today.  I have gotten some great advice from some fellow bloggers, and this week has been a great one so far. Despite the fact that I haven't had studio time this week.  I have taken some nice walks with the hubby and we have been trying out some new recipes.  

I have fallen behind in my blog reading, and I've scanned a few post that I really want to go back and immerse myself in.  I hope to get an hour or two of peace soon to sit with some tea and catch up.  

Here are some of the blogs that I hope to catch up to...This house is beautiful!  Lily's rabbit seemed to make me happy with all the fresh brushstrokes, and that juicy slice of pink! I am in awe of Soul Mama's beautiful knit creations.  She has inspired me to try a sweater soon. (If I don't chicken out).  There is also Sandra Juto who is also a talented knitter and her photographs always cheer me up! I always like to visit Wyanne, just watching her video's make me want to run, not walk to the studio. Then there is Cathy and Michele, who's work I am always excited to see.

I am going to be late to work, if I don't close!!  I hope you get a chance to indulge in some blog reading today.  Forgive my lack of a photo today.