A nice rainy day

The boys and I (Bear is hunkered down in the corner there, as The Bear likes to do) are lazing around on this rainy morning.  I did venture out for a run, and it is a nice rainy day, warm and promising of spring.  My previous post was 50% successful.  It won't orient the images - obviously.  But happy that I figured it out.  Not sure I am happy with the toy camera app. I downloaded.  I may have to search out another. But very happy to have a new phone.

This week has completely gotten away from me.  I can hardly believe it's Friday!  I am a bit behind in my bird house designs.  The fundraiser has lots of artist all painting/decorating the same wooden birdhouse prototype.  At first I thought about encaustic, but what if you want it to be functional?  

I'm a bit sad that this week had no studio time.  I am going to try to carve out a few hours on Monday morning.  My brother and his girlfriend will be in town this weekend, along with a family friend.  I may have to sequester myself to accomplish some work.  

Now I am off to research some upcoming trips before work. Happy weekend!!
Heather KirtlandComment