Not enough time in my days...

Who knew I was so popular?!  It seems as if my dance card is a bit full.  I am certainly not one to complain about having fabulous plans, but...that list of responsibilities that I am putting off is starting to require another page on my notepad.  I am fortunate to be busy at work as well, and with the social calendar full my studio time is suffering.  I can get a little cranky when that happens.  Oh, and did I mentioned there is cleaning and laundry to be done?!  (That is moving real far down the list, thankfully Hubby is a big help!)

Good news is that I have a morning to get some painting done.  The birdhouse should be finished, and some more progress will hopefully be made with the Anguilla house.  If I'm really lucky I will have enough time to play with some encaustic pieces too.  I can't wait!!!   
Oh, and on a technical note.  Does anyone out there know how to make my header smaller?  Also, how do I make the side bars a bit more narrow, they seem to encroach on the body of my page.  I'm not super savvy with this stuff. Any advice is greatly appreciated.  
Heather KirtlandComment