Which birdhouse?

So, I'm just not sure which direction to go in.  My first idea this week was do "A Birdhouse, Hon".  A nod to our kitsch Baltimore row house, marble steps, painted screens and some form stone.

Then lately I have wanted to play with meticulous pattern.  Something that I don't usually do, but so enjoy in others artwork. 

Finally, I played with the idea of soft colors, delicate drawing and ephemeral feel.  I guess we'll find out once I sit down in the studio.

The final product is for an art auction for "GEM".  One of my clients is super involved, and I am happy to support her favorite cause. 


We'll I decided to go with the last one.  The pink birdhouse.  It seems kinda fun.  I had so little time yesterday, but I did get it primed and ready to go.  I do have three more weeks, but I would of liked to knocked more out yesterday.  My simultaneous project is for my Aunt. It's a present for her friend.  The house belongs to her friends mother on Anguilla.  Their great-great-grandfather built it.  I've been there and it is beautiful!  This is the underpainting, it is going to become brighter and more suited for the islands.

  (Sorry for the flash photo.  It was late and rainy when I took this.)

My evening finished up with a great dinner that my brother and his girlfriend prepared.  We got to enjoy it with family and several good friends.  Back to the grind today!