Whoohoo a new artwork!

I feel much better! I would love to be back to an art marking routine. I know I shouldn't get too carried away, as I look at my calendar it seems the next guaranteed studio day is two weeks from now.  But I don't care I am so happy that I got to be there for almost a whole day.

The top piece is a new encaustic, not sure if it needs something else.  It's a bit of a departure for me, I usually don't work so minimally.  I utilized the birch panel background instead of fulling covering it. I may revisit it.

I also realized while in the studio I am a but rusty and not sure what I want to accomplish outside of the work that I am finishing up.  I really need to be in my sketch book more, especially now when studio time is scarce.  I want to be fully prepared to hit the ground running when I can.

So here is the almost completed birdhouse.  Sorry the pictures aren't great.  It's rainy and I had to take the pictures inside. I am planning on adding a clear gloss coat to it, and maybe adding a few more 'jewels'. (I don't want it to look bedazzeled though.)  

And last but not least, the Anguilla house.  I worked it until the paint was too wet to continue.  I feel like it doesn't look much different than the last post, but it will come together fast once I get all of this underpainting done.  And there will be some trees and flowers.

Rest of the week is work, and maybe finally getting some things accomplished around the house.  And sketching, lots and lots of sketching.