Worlds Colliding

 random picture of the start (we aren't in this).

Today was the annual Shamrock St. Patty's day 5K in Baltimore.  I am a very proud wife as my husband ran his first 5K, and did awesome I must say.  It was really fun.  A sea of green, great outfits, a juggling runner (seriously he was juggling and running), and cold beer at the finish. (No, it was not green!)  

I've been busy this weekend with tax paper work.  And trying to come up with my bird house idea.  I have a few hours in the studio tomorrow, and I mean a few. I want to hit the ground running, so I will have to finish up some sketches tonight, and just go with it.  At the very least it'll be fun!  

I had a nice surprise at work yesterday.  I met a new client, who I liked off the bat for being fun and stylish and wanting some fun hair.  (The secrets out, I'm a hair stylist by day!) As we talked some more we got into talking about art, and I mentioned my website.  I always hold back on mentioning this blog.  Funny, huh?  I think I am still getting used to putting it all out there, and then to say it to someone right in front of me, instead of through a computer screen. But guess what!?  My fabulous new client, has a fabulous blog!  She is new to it too.  We both talked about what a positive and uplifting experience it's been.  She has also met some awesome and creative fellow bloggers.  Go check out Transmission Me, and her new hair do!  Perhaps there will be a collaboration soon.