Anguilla House

Ok, the Anguilla house is almost done for my Aunt Laura.  I feel like I post a lot of work in progress, but I am just happy to be able to post some art this week.  The picture I am working from isn't the best so I boosted some of the color, and made the flora in full bloom.  I mean come on it's Anguilla!! The final layer will add a little more precision and deal with the shadows on the porch a but more. Seeing it as a photo, it's even clearer what needs to be tweaked!

I think I mentioned before my "Aunt" Laura's mom still lives here and it was built in The Valley by her great-grandfather.  There are really cool ginger bread details in the woodwork throughout the inside.  My Aunt Sally and Laura are going to visit in two weeks.  I will be there in spirit!  

Now I need to finish a painting for my Aunt Lois. It's a gift, a surprise for her husband.  Boy, my family is keeping me busy!!
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