A fun filled few days

 (BF's wedding venue!)

Whew!  It feels like I've been gone from here forever!  I just returned from a wonderful weekend visiting my BFF and her fiance in San Diego.  It was fabulous, lots of hiking, drinking and yummy delicious fresh food.  I am envious of the simple access to fresh fruits, and great organic produce.

My beloved BF is planning her wedding in December so we got to run around and do fun wedding planning things.  I'm so excited for her.  Although, the weekend was spent doing so many other fun activities too.  We hiked Iron Mountain, 

on a sunny morning.  I feel in love with all the rock formations (more on that in another post soon).  
We took a sunset sail in San Diego harbor, 

where I got to meet some great people.  And got a different perspective of the city.  We walked the beach, and I enjoyed a beautiful scenic run on the PCH.  I even got to feel the earth shake!  (once is enough of that, thank you.)

I returned home last night to my house full of boys, who I certainly missed!  The weather here in Baltimore really makes it seem like I am still on vacation, so with my last day off I took the dogs to the trials and enjoyed the sunshine.  

I think I wore them out...

I miss my BF but it's good to be home too!  Now I am looking forward to catching up with all of you, I've got some major post reading to do.