Fun with Wax

(fun wax drips)

(fun wax scraps to make base gray with)

 (fun new birch wood - ready for anything, I love that moment)

 I'm still playing with using the wood as an element.  I don't think this is finished yet. 

This guy is finally done.  Now I am not sure weather I want to orient it horizontal like this, or put the circles at the bottom.  hmmmm.
Here is the finished (I think) work with out the drips. 

I also worked on my Found Art Friday piece, which you will have to wait to see! I'll post it on April 30th.  It's been a happy accident that I may be able to use this "Golden" piece for a new business opportunity.  I hope so!

I often wonder if I could get into the studio more often would I be more prolific? Or is it the down time that gives me the energy?  I felt a bit inspired while painting, and hope to sketch out some of those ideas.  I haven't worked through the "rib/houses" idea, but I think it will work best in encaustic.  Above all, I am really hoping to keep the fun going.