Rainy weekend

Was a cloudy and rainy weekend here.  Spent a very lazy Saturday night organizing my contacts and then watching "The Fabulous Mr. Fox" (so delightful!)  I have been very inspired by many blogs this weekend in many ways.  Most importantly I was inspired to take this coming Wednesday off for a studio day, since my Monday will be filled with working AGAIN.  I have also been inspired to add to my serious list of wants; which follows my wish for an archival printer is a DSLR.  It was proven both here, and here that I just can't take the pictures I want to with out one.  So I must begin budgeting!!

Sunday we spent visiting our local poultry farm, and stocked up on some herbs and flowers to plant as well.  I started getting some potted.  I can't wait to get our tomato plants going, but I will wait till mid May for that.  I hope to try the earth box's on our rooftop.  They are kinda expensive, but home grown tomatoes are worth it!

I am still not feeling 100 percent after a stomach bug.  I miss running and my active routine, but I still have no energy.  I have to go into work, although I think I may need another day to chill.  Oh well!!  

Here's to a rainy Monday!