Not far from the tree...Part 1

In honor of Mother's Day.

When my Mom tells people that her daughter is an artist and her son is an actor (and photographer), she always says she doesn't know where we get it from.  Seriously Mom?!  My Mother is one of the most inventive and creative people I know.  She knows how to do just about everything, knitting, crochet, upholstery, cross-stitching, caning (yes, caning)and sewing.  This is just naming a few things, not even mentioning household projects that she tackles.  It's great because she has instilled in me the idea that I really can learn how to do anything!

And they are a great addition to her sculpture garden.  There is an area behind our house where she displays her finds.  She is an avid junk store and antiqu-er.  If I need something between her and her sisters, I put the word out and viola!  (When I needed 200 dessert dishes for my wedding, they had them in under 3 weeks!)

So here is her sculpture garden where she shows off some if her finds. It sits on an ivy covered hill behind her house.

Yep, that's a garden hose.

(Chihuly inspired)

I am so fortunate to have such at talented, adventurous and fabulous Mama!

Happy Mother's Day!