Not far from the tree...Part 2

Some of my Mother's new projects include "yard art"  which is really fun, and easy.  A great recycling idea for old vases, plates cups etc..  Just pick up some GOOP, and attach the glass items to make, bird feeders, candlesticks, cake stands, and more interesting vases.

She also took a class at The Visionary Art Museum here in Baltimore and has a had a great time making these 'flashes'.  The dogs love to chase the reflections across the lawn.  

My Mom has 4 sisters who are all creative, smart and fun.  They are like the ya-ya's but lucky enough to be related and close as well.  3 of the four sisters came in to town this weekend and aside from imbiding in there very dangerous daquiri recipe, they made even more yard art and took a flashes class.  

A great time was had by all!

I am a fortunate girl, to have such inspiring women in my life.