wanderings and pondering

I seem to be second guessing myself lately.  I have been excited to make work, and yet not sure what that work is yet.  I am on the edge of something, but it is certainly unknown.

I have had a nice morning, postponing my workout till this afternoon.  So, I've been catching up on my blog reading, straightening up, packing for a much needed weekend away with the girls and taking a walk around my neighborhood instead of a run.  It is nice to slow down and take notice.  I was inspired by this post.   I LOVE the 4th image.  Sandra Juto's blog always calms me, and makes me take notice.  I am grateful for her posts.

I am determined to not be too hard on myself.  Today is a rare day when my work day isn't to crazy.  The next two weeks are going to be busy and I know I won't have studio time.  But I am going to sketch and work through this.  I have lots of fun things on my calendar, but my day job is going to be very consuming between all the fun. I am thankful that I am busy at work, but can't wait to get some studio time!