I turned 35 this past week.  Every year I reflect on two special memories I had of my birthday growing up.  First I would wake up to yard-picked flowers next to my bed that my Mom had cut.  They were usually peonies, but not always.  (I guess that's why they are my favorite flower!  Not to mention the wonderful smell.  We won't mention the ant factor)  

The second was that my Dad would mow a special message in the grass for me.  I grew up in an unusual house, it was built like a row home, one room wide, three long. But, it sat alone on a few acres.  So, from my bedroom window I had the perfect view on this large patch of grass we ironically called the "back forty".  (It was a hard patch to mow, very damp and as a result the grass grew really high.)  Most of the time it was just my new age.  But I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!