I'm here! I'm here!

Even though I have been feeling like this....

I've been feeling out of sorts, and then had some internet issues.  But I think I am back on my game again, hopefully there won't be an absence like that again!

With the temperatures staying near 100, and the humidity oppressive I have been hitting the studio early.  I spent Monday morning laying the ground work for my new commission.  It's 3 pets, the client is using them to decorate her nursery.  I LOVE that idea.  They are turning out great.  I should be half way done with one more trip to the studio this week.

The heat has made me feel a bit house bound as well, but I have the Tour de France to keep my company!  And some research I have been needing to get done, as well as planning a few up-coming trips.

Wow, it didn't take much to catch up on my lost two weeks!

Now back to the heat.