Operation get my a** in gear

Okay, so no secret I haven't been here in a while. And as Miss V has graced me with an early bedtime tonight and Hubby is working I find myself with a moment of free time.  I am also finding tons of inspiration in my life today, and am planning on putting it to good use.  (I really should be catching up on must needed sleep.)  

I had a client come into the salon today, a fellow artist and I realized how little I get to talk about art anymore. Diapers and bodily functions, yes.  Art not so much.  She inspired me to get my ass in gear.  I have an Etsy site and plan to finally use it!  Yea me.  AND I may even invest some money into my art making and hopefully selling.  The timing is  not great for that, but you know the saying "spend money...make money, really, really hope to make more than my money back" or something like that.

Then there is right now while I enjoy some seriously needed pretend that I have no responsibilities, piles of laundry, cleaning, sleeping and a very insistent 'to do' list to do.  I have spent some time researching possible items to spend said money  on and reading other artist blogs.  It has felt really luxurious.  

Ask me if I'll feel luxurious when Miss V is up in a few hours....
but the instant gratification is worth it.
I'll keep you posted on the progress