Showering a Friend


A very good friend of mine is getting married and we are in the midst of many celebrations for her.  She is one of those people that always organizes festivities for others and as one of my bridesmaids she went above and beyond.  So now that I have the chance to return the favor I am having a ball!

We threw a shower for her with the girls from the salon. It was a blast.  Another co-worker and I came up with the idea of a bridal tree.  Totally our brides style!  We ornamented it with luggage tags and other fun bridal items. It was a hit, as were these yummy cake pops that I made!  I am not usually a baker, but these turned out really good. I made chocolate and buttercream with pink coating.  I was proud.
Here is the recipe

Next event I think I will just make them as cake balls, unless Miss V would like to co-operate with process.

Heather KirtlandComment