Doing what I can

Hi all!  Not sure if anyone is still out there or not.  But, I am trying very hard to make more time for my art, and blogging about it. Miss V is 6 months old!! And of course as I think I am getting better she is developing new ways to keep me occupied. Naps?  Who needs naps?

I am still loving all of it though.  I am hoping to soon feel like a Mom that is an artist, not just a Mom.

I have completed another commission for a dear friend.  This was a gift for a race car driver. How cool is that!!
Super cool, but nerve racking.  I mean, and owner of this souped up Porshe knows every line and color and wow it was a lot of detail.  I did try to maintain my style though, and I think he really liked it!

Although, I think I'll stick with Pets for commissions.

In other news we are almost ready to move!  Who said we can't do everything at once?!  We are going to vacate and rent our downtown rowhome and embark on a new with my Mom and Aunt.  Now, they do have a basement apartment so the living quarters won't be that close.  It's such a great opportunity for us to work on our 10 year plan of buying a larger house, and Miss V will get tons of quality time with Grandma and Aunt S.  One of the biggest perks for me is that my studio will be steps away, and I will finally have some office space back to sit and blog and do some etsy-ing!

If you're out there still, thanks for hanging in there!