taken with FX camera for Droid

I don't know about everyone else, but there is nothing worse than being on the fence.  I hate that moment in decision making when you can't decide which direction to take.  Once the decision is made is much easier going.  Well we've made the move decision, and I am ready to start that new adventure.
Now we are waiting.  Waiting to schedule a mold (YIKES!!) check on our new adobe. Waiting to get a large truck to move our big items.  I feel stuck on the fence.  I am a planner, I wanna know when our last day is here, and our first day is there.

So, in the spririt of living in the moment, I am trying to enjoy my view from this fence, although it's a bit uncomfortable.  Like most things in life, I can't change the situation right now so I'm going to make it work as best I can.
But I'm feeling a little antsy...