I've been flipping through sketch books lately to wet my appetite
and feeling better knowing I at least have time to sketch a page or two.  There is a quality to the sketch that never comes across in a finished work.  The speed in which it is produced makes it feel fresh, and for me the idea that it's not so precious.  I can play and experiment with imagery that doesn't always come out in my paintings.  I do find that same feeling when I learn a new medium and allow myself to be an "amateur" in my own mind.  I don't judge myself so harshly because, hey I'm just learning, right? I would love to be able to bring that attitude to every new piece, just haven't quiet mastered that yet!

It's been so nice to revisit and play again. I feel like I have all these images just waiting to become more than a sketch when I am back in the studio.  It's making me feel so much better during my hiatus.  I may just explode on that day in the near future when I can sit down at my easel or heat up some wax.
Until then enjoy my musings and doodles!