Chain of evidence

I have been blown away by the blogging community and sadly feel so far out of the loop. I've tried to keep up with some of my favorites. But have commented little.

Then out of the blue this week I got inspired and it took me all over the place! But it also lead to some petty theft of one beautiful felt wreath idea, and of course the sweater pillows.  It started here. I loved the pillows and knew I could do that! You can check out the results here.  From that same site I was introduced to Agnes Blum, check out her beautiful work! I almost didn't feel worthy of the attempt.  Then I saw this and fell in love how beautiful!! I wanted to steal it. The cord everything!! So then I jumped all around for felt flower tutorials, and found even more great sites. 

The best part? One evening after work I was motivated to work on the pillows. Never underestimate the therapy of making something. It's right up there with running in my book. It's different than painting to me. It doesn't require quite as much mental draining but just as much therapeutic benefits. I also surprised myself with having the patience to actually wrap the wreath.

So thank you blogging world for providing much needed resuscitation. 

TA-DA here is my wreath!!  I can't wait to make more!
Heather KirtlandComment