Christmas gift

(Thought this posted on 12/28!  Oops, well, here it is a week late!)

Finished this wreath, a present for my brother just in time for his arrival, hopefully tomorrow!
The last two days have been very productive.  I think tonight we are finally ready to move into our "apartment". Now my brother can have the guest room we have vacated.  We've spent the last two days using Christmas gift certificates to start organizing.  And Miss V got her new crib put together, tonight we'll see if she likes having more room.  Fingers crossed it doesn't screw up her sleeping through the night!

Once we do a few more finishing touches I can start to get my studio put back together.  Until then I have a few more pillows and wreaths to finish as gifts.  Can't wait to tell you what hubby got me to help me get started with Etsy.  That post up soon!

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