I can't remember if I mentioned this or not.  And, yes I could go back and look in my post but since I am horribly bad at tagging them it would take forever.  Hubby, Miss V and I are intentionally displaced at the moment. In preparation for our next adventure we have rented out our urban row home and are temporarily in the basement apartment at my Mom's.  This all as we search for less urban home that we would like to live in.  Whew.  

This said basement apartment needed some upgrades that have taken a lot longer than planned.  So for months now we have been living sparingly and out of boxes.  But that my friends is about to change!! I think maybe even in a week we will be fully settled, able to unpack and I will be able to implement my plan to make our subterranean lair homey.

In this mess of renovating, my studio space, that is now just a stair step away as it is my Mother's garage, has been packed up a bit and is lost under debris as a casualty of making room.  

Hmm, this is a REALLY round about way to say that I am currently painting at the kitchen table again.  I am itching to get my studio put back together and really go to town on some art.  For now though, I will make the best of at least being warm and cozy, and being able to be social while I paint.  I do miss that at times.

(This painting is a commission that I am finishing up for Christmas, it's in the middle of it's progress.  I'll post the finished piece soon!)
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