some more

I am so proud. Despite Miss V's best tries, (only one nap today).  I managed to finish 4 more pillows and a wreath!!  Not to mention help clean for my Mom and Aunt's big Christmas party tomorrow night.  I feel quite accomplished.  (I think that was one too many pats on the back - I need to stave off Murphy's Law!)

So here are the other pillows and I am starting to play around with a lot of the sweater scraps too.  Now that I see them all together, I'm a bit worried that the embellishments are redundant, but as individuals I am ok with them. 

I am totally in love with the angora one that has the buttons down the front.  My Aunt has already claimed that as a gift.  I am toying with the idea of adding them to my Etsy store that I am still holding back on launching.  Perhaps I should of spent a few hours on that today.

I hope to share pics of the wreath I just finished a few minutes ago.  Really happy with it and found some great new blogs to share while learning to make it.