Regine Ramseier 2000 dandilions at Artoll 2011

Finally!! I have really been enjoying my craft projects. And my commissions have been so satisfying and reassuring that I can even still make art! I didn't mean to sound so pathetic there. But it's been since I got pregnant that the idea well really has been dry. I've had problems sketching and I'm sure part of it is not being able to just play in the studio.

But this morning as a browse some of my favorite blogs I'm feeling inspired. I absolutely love to browse the collection of beautiful artwork here. And the post always lead we on a journey to all sorts of amazing artist. 

Then through Pinterest I found this and this. Two more amazing blogs.  LOVE!  The latter is where I found the breathtaking installation above.  They find all the great artwork for me.  
My sketchbook has finally got some action, and in less than a week so will my studio!!

P.S.  So excited about my adventure tonight!!  (Talk about being inspired!) Hubby and I are road tripping it to meet the amazingly friendly, talented and witty Lily Stockman at an opening of her new artwork.  I've enjoyed following her blog for a while now and I am super happy to meet in the real world.  Can't wait to tell you all about it.

P.S.S.  I apologize, sometimes the exclamation points get the best of me.  I fear I may talk like this too.
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