No lie, it takes a village & Finally Happy New Year

So I must admit, It's taking me a while to get into the spirit of the New Year.  Don't get me wrong the "Shedder" in me loves the idea of cleaning up and putting away and getting organized.  I think a part of it is that I have had a hard time reaching any goals in the past year.  I don't want to set myself up for failure.  I've been pretty good at feeling guilty that none of the parts of my life are getting my full attention.  I rather be a little less hard on myself this year. Wait, that might of been a resolution that snuck in there. 

Not to sound as if I am lowering my standards, but I need to start with the small list of big things instead of the laundry list of all the things I could address.  In order to do this I am getting a little better at asking for help.  Miss V is most certainly my top priority.  So putting her in good hands so that Momma can find the rest of her identity is priority #1.  Thank goodness for Auntie, YaYa, and Hubby.  I really don't know how you Momma's out there do it!!  I am so glad that I have help!

So what's on the list?  Just for now, and when I can to get my runs in. A project that I've promised my Mother I would tackle, and to get into the studio and apply for shows.
And all of this will be done in moderation, no guilt, no time-line, just an effort to do more for me. So three items.  A list that can fit on a post-it note.  That is certainly new for me!

Heather KirtlandComment