Somethin's Cooking

(I'm sure Hubby wishes it was dinner.) 

I have been getting 45 minutes a day in the studio/garage this week. (not counting heating things up and blowing fuses). It's been amazing. There is lots of stuff cooking! I'm trying out new techniques combining oil and encaustic. My two worlds colliding. There are some new collage materials in the works too. So much fun! I can't wait to share some new work!! 

P.S. The above piece is a variation on an image I have been working on in the years since my Father passed away.  It always seems to become trite, and not at all what I am going for.  Yet, I keep trying!  So I set out to scrape it back off and use the panel for another image.  (I did the same to the oil paint version too.)  But, now that I have a lot of it scraped down, I may end up toying with it a little more before scrapping it all together.  Wish me luck!