Allison Long Hardy: Weekend Inspiration

Finish Line  
Monotype, pen, colored pencil on paper
10" x 10"  2011

Pour Out

Monotype, colored pencil, pen on paper
21.5" x 19"  2011
Shelf Life

Monotype, colored pencil on paper
43" x 25"  2010
India ink, colored pencil, graphite, pen on paper
60" x 30"  2011

Flourish, detail

Aren't these pieces just glowing?!  I found Allison Long Hardy  when I saw this post about one of her shows. I love the build up of layer after of layer and the colors! I could get mesmerized by them, or lost as I follow the twist and turns of the marks.  Allison also plays with the opacity of the inks to add even further dimension.  The play off the dark and light in "Shelf Life" really attracts me, as well as the drawing of the scratches/marks through out.  The final image of her drawings I was going to begin to describe as a deconstructed version of her prints, but that's not quite true.  There is still so much depth and presence to the marks and intensity of the ink.  Just lovely!  Please check out more of her work on her website and enjoy getting lost in her amazing work. 

Miss V and I took a field trip to The Howard County Center for The Arts yesterday afternoon.  I got to see "Shelf Life" in person.  I'm going to add that to my wish list of artwork I'd like to own.  It was a great show, well curated.

Her work is currently being shown at The Howard County Center for the Arts in "Intertwined Expressions" and at The Dupont Gallery in "Crowded Spaces".

Thank you Allison for sharing and kicking off an inspiring weekend!