"Whisper: Sprout" 4x5" encaustic on panel

"Whisper: Cocoon" 4x5" encaustic on panel

"Whisper: Cluster" 4x5" encaustic on panel

"Whisper: Become" 4x5" encaustic on panel"

I hope every one's weekend was lovely.  We have a sick doggie, so It was not a fun one around here.  But, I wanted to share some new work with you!  Here are 4 little pieces in a new series I am working on.  I am almost set to send off for a show deadline, which listed the postmarked deadline as today!  Hmmm, Federal Holiday. So I think I will try and see if I can get by with a postmark of the 21st.  (Nothing like waiting till the last minute!)  Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll consider me anyway.  Fingers crossed.
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