This weekend seemed to go by quick!  Yesterday, I helped throw a shower for a good friend and co-worker.  We enjoyed a wine tasting at a local vineyard.  So nice!  I enjoy helping organize these things but have learned to keep it simple and not too overwhelming. I think this worked great, a few vintage table clothes, flowers in some mason jars and lots of wine!  The bride-to-be made me a lovely knit blanket at my baby shower so I wanted to return the handmade favor and made her a wreath.  I really like how it turn out, simple as well. 

In other news I got my first rejection from the show applications I've been sending out.  For the most part I am used to it, but this time since I was on a high from so much productivity in the studio, it made me question myself for a second.  Just a second though.  On ward, and back to the studio this week to complete a new commission.

(Side note; Boordy Vineyard, and specifically the interior shot above,  was used in the movie "Runaway Bride"  to film the luau scene.)