3 doggies

Here are the last three Pet Portraits.  I'm still really liking the sleepy pup. I should get them delivered this week. Then if I find some extra energy maybe I can finish an encaustic or two before the move. 

I'm struggling with deciding to move my studio with everything else or wait until the Fall and do it as one separate move. I am figuring once the baby arrives there won't be much going on through the rest of the year. And the possibility of studio time is pretty nil. On the other hand we'll have the truck to fit everything in. But I won't be able to assist, which makes me nervous. Either way I'll have to decide soon.  

In the meantime most of my free time is spent painting walls. Lots of walls. It feels never ending. Although, I feel like I'm turning a corner and will feel it coming together soon.  And I certainly hope so, I am slowly running out of energy. 

I hope to pull a post together soon to show the progress.