Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This is my view in the mornings when I let Bear out. I'm often inspired to take a picture. This morning it was a quick one, with temps hovering at 0 degrees, like a lot of the eastern seaboard.

As you can tell by my posting (or lack thereof) I'm struggling to find studio time. Thankfully my commissions have forced me into the studio. I even googled mother/artist and all I get is post about mothers of famous (male) artist. And to be clear I love being a mom and so grateful for Miss V and Mr J. but the struggle of balance is never ending. I find besides not finding studio time, I struggle with finding the mental space for being creative. I miss/need time for reflection, sketching just sometimes quiet. I do tend to come up with ideas while coloring with miss V. and will be excited when they make there way onto canvas.

But even as I type this I have Bears head on my knee and miss V on my lap. I try to take a breath and enjoy where my life is right now, because it will change so quickly. So the double edge sword is although I crave my creative space I feel guilty and think I should be able to multitask and fit it into my life now as a mother. Hence the googling. I'm guessing the change has to come from me to embrace this ebb and flow of life and realize the new definition of myself.
I didn't plan on getting so philosophical on this cold morning, but there you have it.  Now, back to snuggling.
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