A Little TBT: Home Safe

 "Home Safe" oil and conte on canvas 38" x 36" SOLD

              "Safe Home" oil pastel on paper (Was created for a postcard swap)

 (Written May 13, 2014)
As I write this (on my phone) Mr. J is sleeping in my arms, Miss V is singing herself and the hubs is hunkered in the living room. It has just started to rain outside a heavy thick sounding rain. 
At once I feel so happy and safe nestled in this cocoon of family. While outside its cold and wet and that dichotomy always makes me feel safe and somehow reinforces my security.  These moments are more compounded at night in the quiet snuggles and it make me feel wholly grateful for the simplicity of a roof over our head and the gift of being together. 

I first remember feeling this way when we would travel in our family can when I was growing up. It was that typical late 70s early 80s van that my parents out fitted with a platform bed on the back and curtains over the windows for our family vacations. Somehow two adults a dog and two kids slept there as we hurtled through the night on I95, my parents taking turns at the wheel. We always drove over night, easier to keep us kiddies asleep than occupied. I would sleep so absolutely, lulled by the movement and comforted knowing that all that I truly loved was right there with me. 

As an adult, it has changed and my world is wider so although I don't feel that complete peace knowing that I can keep everyone under one roof there is still a calmness and an awareness of being contained by love.