This week marked a very big part of my life coming to an end. My work family has parted ways and some of us are continuing on in one direction and the others another. I've shared so any milestones with these loves that it is a bitter sweet ending. It is also the beginning of more than I thought it would be.  I love my day job, not only do I love what I do (I'm a hair stylist), I am inspired by my co-workers and my clients daily. The icing on the cake it allows me the security to pursue my life as an artist as well. When these changes started it became a time to reflect on what I wanted and brought me to this space. I decided to specifically carve out studio time, introduce myself as and artist, and to open up my online shop!

I am hair stylist that loves doing hair and making people feel like their best self and an artist who carries this aesthetic into a more tangible beauty.

So as this chapter closes it has provided me a focus and a drive in the studio and gave me much needed push.

This is a super busy week around here.  My shop is opening, and along with that I am working with a lovely charity The Global Good Fund.  I am hanging a show at The Verandah and starting my Weekend Inspiration post up again with some crazy talented artist that have been inspiring me lately. (I better make sure there is enough coffee around here.)  I can't wait to share all these things with you!

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