Give it Away

"Give It Away" 36 x 48" oil and mixed media on canvas
This painting is available for purchase and it is also one of the limited edition prints that will be available in my shop which opens online this Wednesday.

I have been thinking about the freeing sense of letting go of competition.  I don't mean to say competition is bad or there shouldn't be a winner or loser in a game or sport.  And to a certain degree, a little healthy competition can push you to so your best, but I kinda think that should still come from within. I am speaking more about creative pursuits and living life in general.  In the act of supporting those around you, you surround yourself with community.  Give it away, the good stuff you have, the positive vibe, and I truly believe it will surround you too. I feel that it will just replenish. I wanted this painting to catch that light playful positive vibe. 

In just this spirit I had a lovely bride in my chair at work recently who in the course of our conversation told me one of the coolest stories I've ever heard.  It just endeared her to me even more, and I instantly felt moved to help.  She is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Global Good Fund.  Their mission is to "accelerate the leadership development of young social entrepreneurs tackling the world's greatest social issues". I encourage you to check out this blog post to hear about the awesome work this organization is doing.  Carrie Rich landed in my chair at just the time I was thinking about this sharing of joy, and supporting of one another.  Her enthusiasm for what she does is certainly contagious.

I am excited to donate 20% of my print sales until October 7th to The Global Good Fund! 

Just another reason to look forward to the shop opening tomorrow. 
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