"Noise" 16 x 20" oil on canvas

It's seems the times that I have something very specific I want to express it takes me a long time to find the right imagery, to get it just right. 

This painting changed drastically so many times till I was finally happy with it. 

My approach to the news is to keep my head in the sand. (Which I realize is a luxury and I appreciate it.)  I will scan twitter once in a while to get headlines. I do want to be informed. (I think.) I am a disheartened that there is nowhere to actually hear the facts and just the facts. There is a skew one way or the other to it all. I'd like to be able to form my own opinion and not have it fed to me. On one particular news heavy day it seemed I couldn't escape it.  Then I was stuck somewhere with talk radio. I got this oppressive feeling. The person was just spewing their truths and one stance over and over in different variations. I could've even agreed with what was being said but the manner in which they were conveying it as if it was truth, the only truth, was disheartening and small to me. That feeling is what was behind this painting.  As you can see it took a few incarnations. 

If you need me I'll be over here with my head in the sand, playing with the kiddos.  And very thankful that I can.
Heather KirtlandComment