TBT: Looking back

 "Grand" 58" x 68" oil on canvas 2005
  "Ghost House" oil on canvas 2005 SOLD

"Docked" 12 x 18" oil on canvas 2007 SOLD

I've been spending some time getting things in order.  Doesn't that feel good!?  One of my projects has been to go through my inventory, both physical and digital.  I am really enjoying the look back and seeing where I've been, and I am so surprised by how my work has changed, but really by how it hasn't either. 

"Grand" was inspired by a trip to visit my brother when he was living in Chicago.  It's a stop on the EL.  Often, in my work a word inspires me and becomes and image, like this.  I love the size of this painting too.  Working that large becomes a different kind of physical act that is really fun.

"Ghost House" was one of the first paintings I used the wire/leaf hanging imagery and started to scatter the circles/oval shapes.  Here, they feel like stones to me.  Sometimes, they end up in the air like bubbles and take on a floating effect to me. 

"Docked" is a piece from my college days.  I was fortunate enough to study in Italy and was totally taken both by the landscape and the culture.  Along the coast line south of Naples there were so many cliff side views looking down on jetties with docked boats.  This is one of my favorite interpretations.  This painting has a great home in a beach side town of a family friend.  So fitting.   

Along the way I am getting more inspiration for current work too.  I am just so excited for all the new things happening as well!
My online shop is coming soon, and I can't wait to share some lovely art with all of you.
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