That one thing

You know that one thing that you either dislike doing or aren't good at so you put it off and it nags at you because it's not done. I mean besides laundry, dishes and vacuuming. I don't let that nag at me. Just ask Hubby. Okay, I'll admit that occasionally the dishes do bug me.

That big thing for me lately is my website. Just ask Hubby.  I had a site that was just okay and then I knew I needed to upgrade. Especially after lusting after some beautiful ones by some of my favorite artist.  There will be a whole post about those lovelies soon.  But man the whole website thing intimidated me. That may show my age.  I could of waited until Miss V was 5 or 6 and she could of probably created it for me.  It truly boiled down to being so visual and trying to find a platform that worked well with that right side of my brain. 

I am ecstatic to say I DID IT.  (Picture me dancing around the room here.  Because, that in fact did happen.) I still have to get my online shop open, that will be coming soon.  I want to take a break and just enjoy this high for a few days. That one thing is outta my way, and I feel like I can do just about anything today.  Just maybe not the laundry or dishes. I'm celebrating, remember?

p.s. I'd love your thought and comments!
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