Time Flies

 Whisper Series TL to BR "Bloom", "Cocoon","Cluster", "Whisper", "Become", and "Stones" 4x6" encaustic on panel

 Whisper Series "Rest" 4x6" oil on encaustic

 Whisper Series "Build" 4x6" encaustic on panel

 Whisper Series "Flight" 4x6" encaustic on panel

This series started as a way to work out small ideas and compositions.  I think of them as little moments of thought.  The newest three have changed with a new palette, a little bolder. The 4x6" size is fun to hold in your hand, which the tactile quality of encaustic makes you want to do anyway.  I've envisioned them hung together, but able to stand on their own as well.  The panel is cradled, so the depth would make it easy to just stand up on a bookshelf or mantel as well as hung on a wall. I'll have some pictures of them in interiors soon. 

I spent the first part of my studio day cleaning up, and unearthed a few items I've been look for!  Isn't that the best?  I'm coming close to finishing up a large oil painting too, but It's fighting me.  Lucky for me I may get a few extra hours this weekend to work it out.