TBT: Now & Then

Picture it, mid-nineties: I'm wearing ripped jeans, a flannel shirt and black biker boots driving through downtown Baltimore in my blue Karmen Ghia on the way to MICA. (art school).  Sorry, I just couldn't seem to find a picture of that. 

The whole atmosphere always seemed, to me a little like everyone for themselves.  As if we we were all competing for this one opportunity, the best art student, or one gallery show.   Being an artist, is most of the time a very individual and solitary thing.  The creative process can encourage isolation and a need to stand apart from everyone else. Yet, like all things it can truly benefit from a community and a support system.

I feel like this has changed.  I am so thankful, for all of us.  When I started blogging I found other artist that were encouraging and willing to share expertise.  I think Bonnie from the blog Going Home to Roost said it best "there is room".  It's true, there truly is room for all of us. It's almost like the more of us there are the more room we make.  On top of that the atmosphere we create is inspiring to us and those around us.  

More recently, I've found these amazing artist on Instagram. I'm inspired daily by their talent.  I love to see into their studios and get a glimpse if their process.
It gives me a great sense of community and feels like having studio mates.  Beyond that they are approachable, relatable, and encouraging.  Since we have moved to a more rural setting I find it harder to make those connections in real life, but I am trying.  It makes me wish I could put together one of these like The Jealous Curator did.  (You must check out her amazing blog!).  But instead I'm going to fill my "Weekend Inspiration" with them.  

There is something so freeing in not racing everyone to the finish line.  A finish line that looks different for all of us anyway.  It allows breathing room for creativity and happy connections along the way.

Join me here tomorrow to check out the first of some talented artist.

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