Time and Travel

I've noticed the past few years I have this frenetic burst of creativity that begins in August.  Sometimes it wanes at the new year as if the craziness and demands of the close of the holidays takes it's toll on my creative energy or, the psychic time needed to make it all happen.

I've began to think it has a lot to do with travel.  Road trips are a creative impetus for me and it allows my mind time to wander and the scenery always stimulates.  Yet, it's more than that.  In August we take our longest vacation and it happens to be in a place full of good memories and family.  For 10 days I don't have to worry about the daily maintenance of the household.  That certainly frees up mind space.  I am surrounded by my incredibly crafty aunts.  The expanse of the Midwest landscape is doused in the colors of August.  Most of the day spent outside and even a few stolen moments sans kids to sit at a coffee shop.

I imaginea residency would be a similar experience with added isolation.  The time commitment isn't feasible at the moment.  I often wonder about creating my own somehow.  I could carve out a span of a few days to just paint.  Perhaps pack it up and head to a cabin on a lake for a long weekend.

What is the magical combination to spur bouts of creativity for me?  Is there some way to recreate it when I hit a lull? Am I chasing the holy grail? Probably.  So for now I am just going to enjoy the lovely ride and head back to the studio!


Heather GerkinComment