The holiday's

I love the holidays.  I usually like to enjoy the commradarie of Thanksgiving before diving into celebrating Christmas.  But just.  We always go to cut down our tree the day after.  I love celebrating the traditions of my childhood and creating new ones as our family. 

One thing I try so hard to stick to, is that the holidays should be enjoyed not overwhelming.  I rather "do" than "buy".  I love taking the kids in their pjs to look at holiday lights.  My mother always has a christmas party.  We bake cookies and watch our favorite movies. 

I try to limit our responsabilities because my all time favorite is to enjoy my family in the beautiful light of the tree.  To linger over meals, get together with friends and to make sure we aren't so busy we miss all the good stuff. 

It's a busy time of year for both of my professions, so I am even more diligent in setting time aside that is only for family.  I also am trying this year to stick to cut off dates for orders, so that I am not crazy up to the last minute. 

As with anything, it really does come down to state of mind. 

Heather GerkinComment