I have been so very fortunate lately to meet some amazing artist that are local to me.  One of the hopes I had for this adventure as mother artist.  In a conversation with one of these super talented women we were talking about social media and how there are times it leads you to comparison and worse yet the idea that there is just too much out there already.

I am a believer as I have mentioned before in there is enough room for all of us.  Yet, this stuck with me as a left my friend that day.  It got me down enough that I fixated on it.  You know how your mind goes to the whole "What's the point?" and then downwards spirals from there.  Somehow I manage to start to turn that around.  Then I realized it's not just about these beautiful images and artwork that you see, it's about that person behind it.  I think I really truly got it for the first time.  There is your story that is unique to you that is behind everything you create.  Even when I run across work that is similar there is that individuals hand that is still apparent.  Most importantly there is the person behind it.  Anyone that has bought my work usually wants to know more about the process, the idea behind it what else I do.  Marissa, used a term the other day that I loved: Artistic voyeurism.  I mean who doesn't love to see someone's studio space or a video of them working on their craft.  It usually makes me love the work that much more.  That individual connection to specific work is what makes all the difference and then the work becomes full of depth and you see it through a new lense.  

So you, my lovely artist,  are what makes you different and makes your work unique.  It not just the image/object it's the person behind it and the story behind them.