In Real Life

"Hob Nob"  18x24" encaustic on panel

"Hob Nob"  18x24" encaustic on panel

I don't love that my head is in my phone more than I would like.  Social media can be a lot of things, some negative but today I'm going to write about a positive one.  Lately I have been so grateful for the community I have found there.  Instagram for me is an uplifting space where I am inspired, challenged (in the best way) and supported. 

The best part so far has been reaching out and meeting some of these virtual friends in person.  The conversations, the ideas and the fun is fantastic!  It started with reaching out to a local artist that was doing a studio rental, from there she invited me to participate in a show.  What was even better than that is that I consider her a friend, and through her have met other artist that live close to me.  One in particular is a fellow mom that I can enjoy a cup of coffee with and feel fed by our artist mama conversations.

Then there was Maker's Summit.  I am fortunate that for most situations I am a pretty social person.  Even with my personality it wasn't natural for me to walk up to someone and say, "Hi, I follow you on Instagram and I love your work!".  I may have felt like a huge goober, but it was worth it.  I met some truly kind, funny and supportive people who are more than their Instagram and that was really special. 

While we were in Virgina this weekend I reached outa gallery that I follow there to see if I could meet the lovely lady behind it.   Our in real life meeting ended up being two hours of chatting and swapping experience and I really could've hung out with her all day.  She was so welcoming and it turns out we have a lot in common.  It was a connection that really warmed me and I feel like I have yet another new friend.

Social media has really made this world smaller, and I feel like taking advantage of who I can see in real life has made it a more friendly world too.  There is something to be said about meeting up over a cup of coffee with someone of shared interest and really feeling that community of support and friendship. Who knew that having my head in my phone could bring all this to my door step?

I know sometimes reaching out isn't easy.  If you're a creative type it can be even harder.  This one on one stuff doesn't come naturally for most of us.  I can promise you though if you can muster up the courage it's worth it, and I can almost guarantee you won't regret it!

Has anyone else had steller IRL meet ups?  I'd love to hear about them!