"Paired" 12x16" encaustic on panel (available in my shop now)

"Paired" 12x16" encaustic on panel(available in my shop now)

There are many aspects about my work that are personal.  At times I am not even fully aware of it until after a painting is complete.  "Paired" began as a personal piece. 

My father passed away in 2004.  He was a huge champion of my work and was always one of my best friends.  Both of my parents would always make sure I had what I needed.  In the most important ways; through moral support and encouragement.  There are so many time just having their man power made it possible to complete a project.  I could go on and one here about how lucky I was to have him as a Dad.  Maybe another time. 

I felt driven to make work about how I was feeling.  I've painted several paintings over and over.  They never quite work.  Two paintings have.  Each of them speak to only a piece of what I have been trying to say.  I'll share the other soon.

My parents had been together 35 years.  They were high school sweethearts and amazing role models as to what a partnership should be.  It seemed so awkward and wrong when two became one.  I kept thinking about pairs.  Partnerships.  Balance. 

Many sketches about this finally turned into an encaustic piece.  Yet, it never felt quite right.  It seemed too dark.  Although I had many dark times surrounding his passing, when I think of my Dad that isn't how I feel.  I sense a lightness and a possibility surrounding the concept of partnership.  So I revisited this painting and it feels so much better this time. 

Perhaps one day I will be able to complete a painting with all the feelings I have about my Dad.  Maybe not.  Until then I am confident that each of my paintings have a piece of his imagination, optimism and excitement because he is big part of who I am.