What Does the Fox say from the Other Side?

There are so many ways that I still feel my dad in my life.  It's a comfort and it's a reminder that although I wish he was here, he isn't missing anything.  Although I am missing him, he is all around.

At times when I am missing him, or I have bad news or good news I always seem to see something to remind me of him.  It's usually an animal.  Butterflies because they were around a lot right after he passed and I believe that he was more comfortable where he was.  It reminds me that things will be okay.  Hawks because we had a nest of them that lived in our woods when I was growing up, that we love to watch.  They remind me to be strong.  Foxes because my dad had a great sense of humor and a bit of mischief.  The remind me to not take things too seriously and that this life can be magical. 

We have a fox that lives in the woods near our house.  He's been making a lot of appearences.  I have had a wonderful week, full of fabulous news and great opportunities.   At first I felt so overwhelmed and stressed I completely forgot to celebrate and be joyous.  This morning as I was making a concerted effort to find space in my day, but enjoying the morning on our porch, our fox walked right past me.  After I enjoyed the magic feeling that induces, I realized that it was a good reminder to not take it too seriously.  Yes it's awesome and a big deal, but it should be fun and exciting too.

Years ago I had a dream, during a particular stressful time in my life.  In it a snake went past me and there was a skulk of foxes tearing apart this large box.  I remember thinking how vicious it was and felt a bit scared.  When the box finally came apart it was full of flip flops.  Bright colorful flip flops exploded everywhere!  At the time I wasn't sure what to make of it right away.  I ended up painting about it.  I finally thought it was again a reminder to find the silly, the joy and the magic especially when it's the hardest to do so.

Dream House 30x40" oil and graphite on canvas 2004

Dream House 30x40" oil and graphite on canvas 2004