New month, new challenge....

"Lightened" and "Open" each 24x24" acrylic on canvas

"Lightened" and "Open" each 24x24" acrylic on canvas

I really enjoyed pushing myself to complete a painting challenge for the first time.  As much as I was under the wire with my commitment my actual painting time proved to be meditative and a quiet source in my day. 

I started thinking about what is next as I simultaneously head into a busy time of year both professionally and personally.  I decided to create another 30 day painting goal for myself.  I am going to work on a single painting, the same painting each day for 30 days.  I've been wanting to work on something more meticulous and detailed (at the very least layered) so this is the time.  I may not update everyday.  But rest assured there will be at least a stroke of paint from each day in October and I'll be sure to post my progress as I go.  The best place to keep up with me on the regular is @heatherkirtland on Instagram.

Wish me luck!

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